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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy ATTORNEYS

    Call our Mesa Bankruptcy Attorneys.  Are you facing a debt situation that requires immediate attention?  Are creditors harassing you with calls and demand letters?  Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Mesa, Arizona is a way to relieve all of your creditor worries.  Plus, Chapter 7 discharges, or eliminates, all of your unsecured debt such as medical and credit card debt.  Do you need your bankruptcy filed to stop a repossession, save your home from foreclosure, or prevent a garnishment or bank levy?  If so, our  Mesa Chapter 7 attorneys can help you TODAY!

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy ATTORNEYS

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Mesa, Arizona is the 2nd most popular choice of filings in Maricopa County, Arizona.  Thus, people with a regular income may find Ch 13 to be the better bankruptcy option.  Additionally, filing a Chapter 13 in Mesa, immediately “stays” or stops any creditor action as the “Automatic Stay” goes into effect upon filing.  Our Mesa Bankruptcy Attorneys know how Ch 13 can impact debt such as: bank levies, foreclosure, wage garnishment, liens, repossession, seizure, and all creditor collection attempts, including harassing phone calls and letters.


    Mesa Zero Down Bankruptcy services residents in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and throughout the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona.  Our No Money Down Bankruptcy Attorneys can file most bankruptcy petitions in Arizona with no money down. Thus, with no out-of-pocket expenses, you can start a bankruptcy today.  No longer do you have to save up money for a bankruptcy consultation.  Ours Consults are Free!  Plus, you don’t have to save up hundreds or thousands to file bankruptcy with another attorney.  Our Mesa Debt Attorneys can file you for $0,


    Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers In Mesa, AZ

    Affordable Bankruptcy Law Firm Near You In Mesa

    At Bankruptcy Lawyers Mesa, located in Mesa Arizona, our focus is our clients. Here, our Mesa bankruptcy attorneys are results driven.  Plus, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service at reasonable rates. Here, it really is ABOUT YOU and we value your business! Plus, every client we have is very important to us, and you will never become just another case at this bankruptcy law firm, we guarantee it!

    How Can Our Local Mesa Bankruptcy Attorneys Help?

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most filed Chapter of bankruptcy.  It is best used to liquidate all of a person’s debt.  In a Ch 7 all unsecured assets including credit cards, medical bills, and all unsecured debts should be alleviated in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Maricopa County is a helpful tool in stopping a Foreclosure.   Chapter 13 bankruptcy is best for wage earners that have assets to protect that they would otherwise lose in a Ch 7.

    MESA ZERO DOWN Bankruptcy

    Filing Bankruptcy in Mesa for $0 money down is a reality through our Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyers Zero Down Bankruptcy Program.  Monthly payments allow you to pay for your bankruptcy after filing.


    Our focus is on our clients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bankruptcy Lawyers Mesa is currently open and offering social-distancing, no-contact phone and video consultations and legal representation.

    We offer Bankruptcy by Phone

    Our expert legal team offers experienced legal representation, even if you choose not to visit our office.


    Personalized legal service — we have the ability to communicate and represent — even at a distance.

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

    Stop Wage Garnishment

    If filing for bankruptcy in Arizona is an opportunity for a debtor to emerge out of a financial crisis and start afresh. Thus, Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code is the way to achieve this end relatively faster.  Also, Chapter 7 is the type of bankruptcy that virtually wipes the slate clean of unsecured debt: (credit cards, medical debt, unsecured personal loans and lines of credit, amounts owed on leases, amounts owed after vehicle repossessions and more). Additionally, an individual or couple must qualify for Chapter 7 to get Chapter 7 relief.

    Our bankruptcy attorneys in Arizona are experienced professionals who will determine, not only if you are a candidate for Chapter 7 debt relief, but also, given your current state of affairs, how it would impact you. Therefore, Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is the choice of Mesa residents with overwhelming debt. Plus, it’s the most filed Chapter of Bankruptcy in Mesa is Chapter 7. 

    The goal of our Mesa Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys is to completely discharge, or get rid of, certain kinds of debt in a short period of time. Whereas, a bankruptcy discharge in a Ch 7, indicates the debtor will not repay the debt. Plus, types of debt included in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Mesa, AZ include:  Medical Bills, Personal Loans, Credit Card Bills, and Utility Bills. 

    Garnishments and Levies

    Garnishments and Levies

    A Chapter 7 is one of the most effective ways to immediately stop garnishments. Garnishments can diminish your hard-earned income making it almost impossible for you to afford life’s basic necessities.

    The Impact on Your Credit Score

    The Impact on Your Credit Score

    Chapter 7 is one way for you to begin reestablishing your credit by reducing your debt to income ratio. With little or no remaining debt, lenders may feel that you will be better able to repay your debts in the future.

    Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney

    Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney

    Bankruptcy Lawyers Mesa, AZ has the bankruptcy attorneys Arizona residents and businesses have depended.  With thousands of successfully filed bankruptcies,  our Mesa debt relief team serves residents throughout Arizona including Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix.

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Stop A Foreclosure

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an interest free debt repayment plan through which you consolidate your debts over a three to five-year period. Creditors cannot collect from you during the term of the plan. In a Mesa chapter 13 bankruptcy you can repay a portion of your on your debts.  The Ch 13 Repayment Plan is at an amount you can afford based on your budget.  Your Mesa Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney assists you by figuring a plan you can afford. Additionally, if you do not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can still protect yourself under bankruptcy using a Chapter 13.  Filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy in Mesa is a great way to stop a foreclosure.  A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Arizona stays on your credit report for 7 years.


    Debts that are generally consolidated in a Chapter 13 are mortgage arrears, balances on vehicle loans, and student loans. One important thing our attorneys want you to remember about Chapter 13 is that you must be working or have a consistent source of income for your repayment plan to be approved by the court.



    Chapter 13 will stop a foreclosure any time prior to a Sheriff’s foreclosure sale, and allow you to repay your mortgage arrears. You will still be obligated to make all future payments directly to the mortgage company, but they may not proceed with the foreclosure.


    Student Loans

    Although you may not eliminate student loans in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can consolidate student loan debts with your other bills in a Chapter 13, and stop a collection action against you. We can stop the collection action and garnishments related to student loan debts.

    Student Loans



    Your cosigners get protection too-in fact the same protection that you receive under Chapter 13. Chapter 13 may protect your cosigners from collection activity while you are in your repayment plan.

    Vehicle Repossession

    Vehicle Repossession

    Our attorneys can use Chapter 13 to stop a finance company from repossessing your vehicle. The past due payments, along with the outstanding balance on the car loan, will be consolidated into the Chapter 13.

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    Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Experienced In Complex Chapter 11 Cases

    If your business is in distress, you should consider consulting a business bankruptcy attorney in Arizona. Therefore, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a very complicated Chapter of the bankruptcy code.  Therefore, the process of Chapter 11 bankruptcy is very complicated. Plus, it is very important to select a business bankruptcy attorney with vast experience in helping businesses who have fallen on hard times.

    Chapter 11 involves a bankruptcy reorganization plan that accommodates debt reorganization through a payment plan. Plus, Chapter 11 is similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Additionally, in chapter 11 bankruptcy the debtors prepare a disclosure statement which describes their proposed reorganization proposal and payment plan. Therefore, the proposed plan is voted on by the various classes of creditors and then submitted to the Court for approval.



    If you ask many Americans what they think is the number one cause of consumer bankruptcy, many may guess irresponsibility and poor decision-making. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many Americans are forced into bankruptcy by a medical bills and other debts related to their condition, such as credit cards and time off work. If you are struggling with medical debt, you may want to consider filing bankruptcy. Our Mesa bankruptcy office is open for free phone consultations, but you can refer to these frequently asked questions about medical bankruptcy.

    Top Rated ARIZONA Bankruptcy Lawyers

    Thousands Of Bankruptcy Case Victories


    I recommend this firm. They are professional and nice. I spoke to the attorney when I called and he was very understanding and helpful.
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    Speaking to someone about my financial situation took a load off my chest. They were helpful and understanding and told me my options.
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    I called in for a consultation and spoke with the receptionist initially; she was very nice and professional. I was able to speak with a lawyer right away! I highly recommend this law firm!
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    Best bankruptcy attorney i talked to. They gave me solid advise and were very easy to deal with. I felt respected & well cared for. Highly recommend Bankruptcy Lawyers Mesa, AZ!
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    Very Professional! Shawn went through my petition and took care of me at my hearing.
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    Great law firm with top notch customer service. Filed my bankruptcy for ZERO DOWN. I highly recommend for debt resolution services.
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    Bankruptcy Lawyers Mesa, AZ did a great job for me. I was very pleased with the outcome. My bankruptcy didn’t take long at all and I would recommend them to other people. A+
    Latonya Brinkers - Tempe, AZ
    I was very pleased with Shawn McCabe and Bankruptcy Lawyers Mesa. I would recommend him for your Bankruptcy needs. Sharp staff. Always on top of everything and explain the process step by step and very affordable. Thank you for your help.
    Karen McKever - Phoenix, Arizona



    Wage Garnishment is one of the most common ways in Arizona of creditors collecting from debtors.  Also, creditors deduct money from your paycheck (garnishments apply to bonus and commissions as well).  Plus, during wage garnishment, your employer receives notice to withhold a percentage of your pay. Regardless, your employer can not refuse to comply with the court order to garnish your wages.  Thus, with a court order, both federal agencies and private companies alike can garnish your hard earned paychecks.

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    Contact our Mesa and Phoenix Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney. Whereas, our Arizona debt relief lawyers can use Emergency Bankruptcy services to stop a foreclosure or trustee sale, bank and account levies, wage garnishments, property and account liens, and other disruptive financial or real estate activities. Plus, our Mesa Attorneys do this by declaring bankruptcy on your behalf with short notice. 
    Additionally, our Arizona Debt Relief Team offers same day bankruptcy filings and immediate consultations in order to better serve people in need of quick debt relief help.  Therefore, we help residents, couple, and individuals in Maricopa County declare bankruptcy.


    Our experienced attorneys provide expert legal representation and dedicated, professional legal service.



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