Avoiding Foreclosure in Arizona

For any homeowner in Arizona or anywhere in the country, foreclosure is a nightmare scenario, but it can be stopped by filing bankruptcy anytime before the foreclosure date.

Filing for bankruptcy in Arizona stops foreclosure, lifts the burden of debt from your shoulders, and sometimes eliminates second mortgages.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, or you are not paying other bills in order to stay current on your mortgage, it’s clear that a decision has to be made. In this situation, you need to take action before you get in deeper financial trouble.

At The Yontz Law Gorup, we have helped hundreds of people in Maricopa County (Phoenix/Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler/Pinal and all over Arizona) obtain relief from debt, stop foreclosures and keep their homes. We use bankruptcy to stop foreclosure and get you the relief needed to make a financial comeback.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with an Arizona bankruptcy attorney. We want to help you keep your home and get debt relief.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona stops Foreclosure and Sometimes Eliminates Second Mortgages.

An Arizona bankruptcy attorney at our firm will review your options and recommend an appropriate course of action for you. Your options usually include filing Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop foreclosure. Your debts are reduced and in some cases discharged. You will get an affordable payment plan that will enable you to get back on your feet again financially. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be able to roll your past due mortgage payments into your payment plan, and your mortgage will be current. In some situations, you can eliminate second mortgages completely.
A Chapter 7 bankruptcy also stops foreclosure for a while — long enough for you to find the money to get current on your mortgage or to find another place to live.

Our firm can stop a foreclosure at any time up to the sheriff’s sale by filing for bankruptcy on your behalf.

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