Bankruptcy and Your Tax Return

Bankruptcy and taxes blogIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. Tax season? Probably not. But it is the time of year that most of us are looking forward to filing returns and getting some money back for their hard work. If you’re considering bankruptcy, however, take a step back before you send the return to our Uncle Sam.

The beginning of the year is usually the toughest time for a lot of people. The holidays are over, and most have overspent. People in an already bad financial situation have usually made their situation worse during the holidays. A lot of times it’s the holidays that make people realize they should consider bankruptcy.

Here’s the conundrum, your tax return is at risk. Yes, you could lose your tax return if you hurry up and file bankruptcy at the beginning of the year. So what do you do if you need to file bankruptcy at the beginning of the year, and you’re getting a substantial tax return? Not to sound cliche, go see an experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorney. We’ve been dealing with this for years. Matter of fact, we deal with the same issue, every year, countless times. You don’t have to lose that return. There are several options for you.

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