Foreclosure Help Arizona – Will Bankruptcy Save My Home?

Foreclosure Help Arizona – Will Bankruptcy Save My Home?

Have you gotten a foreclosure notice, or notice of trustee sale? This doesn’t mean all of your options are over and you’re going to lose your home. You have lots of options. Of course, you can find a way to pay the mortgage arrears and bring the house current to prevent foreclosure, but not many are able to do this.

Bankruptcy is an excellent option for those facing a foreclosure. When a bankruptcy case is filed, the filer or “debtor”, receives automatic protection from creditors and all creditor action is stopped, or stayed. For example, assume there is a foreclosure sale pending on your home tomorrow, and you file for bankruptcy protection today. By law that sale may not proceed. This protection is called the automatic stay. It is a power tool used to stop a foreclosure from moving forward.

If you are facing foreclosure, don’t ignore the problem. Talk to an Arizona bankruptcy attorney about stopping the foreclosure and saving your house.

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